Monday, August 30, 2010

Setting Goals

Setting Goals


This is something that is very important in weight loss goals
I think the image above sums it up. 
"To get started, you must have a destination"

Without somewhere to go, something to aim for, we are less likely to succeed. 

For me, I have always known what I have wanted, what I need. But I found writing them down to be more challenging than I expected. 

My main goal is obvious. To lose 40 - 50 kg. 
Again I know it's not realistic to achieve this in only three months. But I believe if I apply myself then I believe that it is achievable in a year. 

I had my 12 month goal, so I had to break it down, to six months, three months and one month. 
I decided that by the end of the 12 wbt program that I would be able to lose 20kg. I thought it may be a big ask., but I had lost 17 kg by myself earlier this year in around the same amount of time. And that time I was doing it alone without any real understanding of what I should be doing. I am confident that by following the 12wbt program that I will be able to lose 20kg in 12 weeks, after all I am a big girl with a lot to lose. 

I thought that by six months I would have lowed down so I am aiming to lose another 10 - 15 kg in the next three months to bring my total to 30 - 35 kg lost. 
From there I think I can easily lose another 10 - 15 kg in another six months

I feel confident in my ability to do this!
It's great to know that in 12 months time I could be sitting here again, reading through this going
"wow I really did it"

The main reason I want to do the 12wbt challenge is to lose weight. So I didn't really have any other goals...
I know some people want to run a marathon or swim 10000000 laps or something but, for me, I just want to lose weight. If by the end of all this I have the ability to do that then YAY
But trying to set goals to do so was hard. I am someone who has barely done any exercise my entire life. I was never really into sport, and basically always been unfit
Michelle told us to be "SMART" when picking our goals
And that inovolved being realistic.
I just can't set myself goals because I don't know what is realistic for me.

Sure I would LOVE to be able to swim 1000000 laps and be fit enough to run a marathon, but right now I would be happy to be able to swim one lap or run 100m. 


Rewards are just as important in setting goals. 

So my goal is to lose 40-50 kg. So you can imagine I am a rather large person, and all my clothes are large!
So one of the things that I am really looking forward to is to be able to just grab something off the rack and have it fit.
I am determined to have an massive shopping spree when I reach my goal weight and buy myself some fabulous new clothes.
Now I am pretty sure I will have to buy some more clothes before that. So every now and then I will treat myself to a mini shop buying a few new items of clothing.

I also figure I will have earned myself a holiday. In a years time I will be finishing up my nursing degree, so after I finish my degree, and before I start full time work I will treat myself to a holiday, one in which I can show off my new body. 
Maybe the Gold Coast? 
Or on a cruise with some girl friends :D

Thinking about my goals and my rewards has got me so pumped up. I am ready to jump back into it and get working on my weight loss. I know I can succeed with the support of my family, friends and my new found family and friends on 12wbt :D

I am looking forward to following the success of others also doing this program. I hope they can achieve their goals.
Never know, maybe I will take you on my holiday with me :P 

So to summarise:

  • Lose 40-50kg
  • Get into swimming
  • Get into an exercise routine
  • Buy something off the rack that fits
  • Feel more confident in myself
  • Shopping spree
  • Holiday 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Blog

It's funny how in today's society and how technological I consider myself that I have never thought to start a blog... I guess I never considered my life interesting enough to post about.

It's not that it's really changed. It's still mostly boring.. but something is about to start that could make it much more interesting....

I am about to undertake the 12WBT program! 

I'm already all signed up and have completed two pre-season tasks.

But before I get into all that a little background on me.

My name is Emilly, but everyone just calls me Foilly, even my parents!
Wondering why that's my name?
A friend typed my name into his phone with dictionary on and because I have two L's in my name it corrected it to Foilly, my friend didn't realise and sent a message with my name like that to someone else and it stuck, I have been Foilly every since. It's odd, unique and I love it. :D I am recently 20 :O Which I find depressing because I am no longer a teenager!!

I have been overweight MOST of my life. I was average size till about year 3... not entirely sure what happened but I got bigger. And as most children are, they are cruel. So I spent the majority of my childhood being teased about my weight and never considered myself to have any "Real" friends.

As I grew older I seemed to get over it. It didn't bother me as much any more. It still hurts when people call me fat BUT I think it's mostly because I know they are right. I tend to laugh it off these days and often insult myself. It's a lot easier than crying.

I gained some awesome friends through high school and found myself not caring what others thought as long as I enjoyed my life and was happy with the way things were going.

But there was a turning point, there was a moment when it all changed. We moved houses (not very far)... We built a house. It's great.... BUT I noticed one thing. The mirror in the bathroom is HUGE!!! In our old house we had a small mirror, one of those little face mirrors. But this one takes up 3/4 of the wall. I got undressed to get in the shower one day and stopped in front of the mirror. I was horrified. I mean I always knew I was fat, but it had never really hit me like that before. I stared at myself for a long time, and did something I probably shouldn't have done.

I started at the top of me and worked my way down trying to name things I liked about myself. The only thing I decided I liked was my eyes. And that's because they are the only thing on my basically that can't get fat... It was a real eye opener.

Another thing happened around the same time, that contributed to this need to change.
I was sitting in the car with my brother who is 13 months younger than me. We were just chatting away and I happened to mention that I thought I was fat. Now I am sure my brother probably won't remember this but I do, and I doubt I will ever forget it. His response was
"Yeah, you are. When are you going to lose weight? You scare me. I am afraid you are going to die."
It took everything in me not to cry then and there. It broke my heart. It was one thing to think I was fat but another to be told by my brother that he was afraid you were going to die.

So I decided that my New Years resolution would be to lose weight. I was determined to do it and determined nothing would stop me and that I would be able to do it on my own.
So on the first of January this year I weighed in and started on my "Lifestyle change"
Now at the beginning of this year I was 19. I weighed in at 141.7 kg.
I nearly quit there. 141.7 kg!!! AT NINETEEN! What had I DONE to myself?!? I have barely started my life and I had felt I had already ruined it.

I went to the doctor to see what a realistic goal weight would be
He said 90kg was where he would be happy.
It seemed so impossible, so far away!

But I didn't give up. I decided I had to TRY!
It started well. I lost 17 kg, but as always something happens.
I got sick, really sick. So sick I couldn't get out of bed without hitting the floor. I spent nearly a month not being able to do much. Saw doctors and had tests but luckily nothing was seriously was wrong. But by the time I was well again I had lost all my routine, all my motivation, was back to the belief that I am just going to stay fat forever.

I hated myself for giving up but couldn't find a spark to get me going again.
Then I heard about the 12WBT challenge and I saw the light! It was just what I needed. The reboot I needed. Something to get me back on track. I debated about whether or not to actually join, but I took the leap and did.

Two tasks down and I am excited for more.
I am already having fun in the forums. And started to take a look at the excuses I have used for so long.

I am hoping that this is what gets me going

I put on nearly 10kg again when I was sick so I have still a long way to go with 40+ kgs before my doctor is happy, but I don't know if I will be happy with 90 but we will see how it goes.
I know that 40+ kg is ridiculously unrealistic goal for 12 weeks but it's not about losing a lot in a small space of time, it's about getting the kick start I need to get me back going on my lifestyle change

I want to be able to look in front of the mirror and like what I see, to go into a shop and take something off the rack that I know will fit and looks fantastic on me.
I notice that the bigger you are the uglier the clothes seem to get, and the more expensive. It's as if they don't think that we care what we look like. Well I DO! And I want to look and feel good! I bought a really cute dress as my "Dream Outfit" It's a size 16, it doesn't sound like much but it's just something I haven't been able to do for years! Fit into something that small!!