Monday, August 30, 2010

Setting Goals

Setting Goals


This is something that is very important in weight loss goals
I think the image above sums it up. 
"To get started, you must have a destination"

Without somewhere to go, something to aim for, we are less likely to succeed. 

For me, I have always known what I have wanted, what I need. But I found writing them down to be more challenging than I expected. 

My main goal is obvious. To lose 40 - 50 kg. 
Again I know it's not realistic to achieve this in only three months. But I believe if I apply myself then I believe that it is achievable in a year. 

I had my 12 month goal, so I had to break it down, to six months, three months and one month. 
I decided that by the end of the 12 wbt program that I would be able to lose 20kg. I thought it may be a big ask., but I had lost 17 kg by myself earlier this year in around the same amount of time. And that time I was doing it alone without any real understanding of what I should be doing. I am confident that by following the 12wbt program that I will be able to lose 20kg in 12 weeks, after all I am a big girl with a lot to lose. 

I thought that by six months I would have lowed down so I am aiming to lose another 10 - 15 kg in the next three months to bring my total to 30 - 35 kg lost. 
From there I think I can easily lose another 10 - 15 kg in another six months

I feel confident in my ability to do this!
It's great to know that in 12 months time I could be sitting here again, reading through this going
"wow I really did it"

The main reason I want to do the 12wbt challenge is to lose weight. So I didn't really have any other goals...
I know some people want to run a marathon or swim 10000000 laps or something but, for me, I just want to lose weight. If by the end of all this I have the ability to do that then YAY
But trying to set goals to do so was hard. I am someone who has barely done any exercise my entire life. I was never really into sport, and basically always been unfit
Michelle told us to be "SMART" when picking our goals
And that inovolved being realistic.
I just can't set myself goals because I don't know what is realistic for me.

Sure I would LOVE to be able to swim 1000000 laps and be fit enough to run a marathon, but right now I would be happy to be able to swim one lap or run 100m. 


Rewards are just as important in setting goals. 

So my goal is to lose 40-50 kg. So you can imagine I am a rather large person, and all my clothes are large!
So one of the things that I am really looking forward to is to be able to just grab something off the rack and have it fit.
I am determined to have an massive shopping spree when I reach my goal weight and buy myself some fabulous new clothes.
Now I am pretty sure I will have to buy some more clothes before that. So every now and then I will treat myself to a mini shop buying a few new items of clothing.

I also figure I will have earned myself a holiday. In a years time I will be finishing up my nursing degree, so after I finish my degree, and before I start full time work I will treat myself to a holiday, one in which I can show off my new body. 
Maybe the Gold Coast? 
Or on a cruise with some girl friends :D

Thinking about my goals and my rewards has got me so pumped up. I am ready to jump back into it and get working on my weight loss. I know I can succeed with the support of my family, friends and my new found family and friends on 12wbt :D

I am looking forward to following the success of others also doing this program. I hope they can achieve their goals.
Never know, maybe I will take you on my holiday with me :P 

So to summarise:

  • Lose 40-50kg
  • Get into swimming
  • Get into an exercise routine
  • Buy something off the rack that fits
  • Feel more confident in myself
  • Shopping spree
  • Holiday 

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