Thursday, September 9, 2010


*Imitates Michelle*
Hey guys and welcome to another instalment of Foilly's blogg
OK I will stop that now...

I always start these posts with the intention to make them short and sweet but they never end up that way.. lets see how this one goes...

OK so this week has been fun... Back to normal routine at Uni. So Lee-Anne (my friend and my brothers girlfriend) decided it would be a good idea to go to ZUMBA!!!


I was absolutely TERRIFIED

Now as you all know (if you have been reading my blogg (I know it only has one g but I like it with two)) I way well over 100kg... so for me to do something as physical as Zumba had me worried.. I nearly backed out several times... But I was pushed into it so I ended up going... And guess what I LOVED IT!! If anyone is thinking of doing Zumba, do it... if someone as uncoordinated and as heavy as I can do it then so can you... It was one hell of a work out, definitely gets your heart rate up and very sweaty... The music is great and dancing is fun. Plus our instructor was awesome.
I would love to go again, but I just don't see my coordination getting better so I think I will always be the one standing up the back dancing like a loon :P

So if you thought that was impressive... just wait there's more!

My brother and Lee-anne then decided it would be a good idea for me to go swimming... the same day as Zumba.. I was fairly certain I was going to die... I tried to make excuses but luckily my brother didn't fall for it and made me come anyway.
I really do love swimming and I figured I could just float around a bit rather than doing anything huge... My brother swims a km nearly everyday... 20 laps in the 50m pool. So I knew he would make me do more than floating around.
Now like I said early I am not the most coordinated person and swimming is no different. So most of the time I am trying to swim but mostly just looks like I am a flailing fish....
Now I am not very fit so I couldn't even manage to do one full 50m lap without stopping... But overall managed to swim 7 laps, slowly over an hour. So now I have something to aim for.. To be fit enough to swim a whole 50m without stopping.

So by the time I got home that night I was so tired but felt happy at my achievements. Just hoping I can keep it up through the 12wbt program.

The pre-season tasks are going well... successfully told EVERYONE I knew that I was doing it, posted it on facebook and Twitter... My family is really supportive.. they always have been....

My kitchen make-over on the other hand will not happen. I live with my parents so I don't make the decisions about what food comes into the house, if mum wants the packet of Tim Tams and my brother wants bucket loads of Deli style chips then so it will be...
Having said that I will still be eating healthy foods because my mother will buy it for me so I am not worried about that I have been on a diet before and eaten well... Temptation is good I think... reminds me why I am doing this. Well that's what I shall tell myself anyway....

I started a folder, it has spots for my weekly meal plans, my weight measurements, my "Diary" and anything else related to the 12wbt program. I want to keep track of my program to see just how far I come. I reckon it will be great to look back on in just over 12 weeks to see how much I change.

I hope everyone is going well....

I am off to the movies today.. No popcorn or chocolate for me... :D

Until next time

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