Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Which way do I turn?

So it's week three and I haven't posted since kick off..

And do you know why?
Because I never kicked off!

I got sick in the first week and I am struggling to start because I am now so far behind...

These thoughts of failure keep telling me I've already lost... I'm not worth it... I'll always be fat... I'll never change...

And even though I know I shouldn't listen I can't help it...

I was SO pumped to start this.. so ready to change.. what happened? I got sick! And I am letting that excuse get the better of me...

What do I do?

Give up? I have a voice screaming in my head saying "It's always too early to give up!" And another one saying "You can't give up what you never started"

I'm off to work now... I don't even know why I bothered posting...

Which way do I turn?


  1. You don't give up.... you pick up where you left off... the Week 4 menu & exercise program looks AWESOME... a perfect week to begin your 12WBT journey.
    Yes you got sick, and although I don't know the specific sickness, or cause I can say that fit & healthy people get sick less often than unhealthy, unfit people. So if you are using that as an excuse STOP... by jumping on board the 12WBT train now you are taking the first jump into your new life...

  2. 100 percent agree with Sara! Jump in Foily - readjust your goals and do it. It took me until Week 10 of Round 2 to really get going and this round I have missed Week 3 due to my poor excuses of it being all too hard while I was away on holidays. If you are finding the exercise too daunting - start with Week 1 exercise and work your way through - but don't let another day go to waste! You can do this, hon. ; ) xox

  3. Hey foilly! How are you doing? Have you started making some changes again?

  4. Hi there foilly. Don't give up now. Talk it out on the forums. Everyone is here for you. The key thing is to keep talking.

  5. So Foilly,
    It makes me sad that you haven't been back to update your blog.
    Hope all is going ok.